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Leprosy   Leprosy today afflicts millions worldwide.  Recorded in an Egyptian papyrus dated 1550 BC, and visible on an African tribal mask with facial deformities are findings of lepromatous leprosy.  Biblical references include Miriam, sister of Moses who was stricken with the disease, her face covered with snow-white scales.  She was banned from the camp until she was healed. [Numbers 12:1, 9-15]    Scholars have proposed that Biblical references to...

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Rift Valley Fever
What is Rift Valley fever?   RVF virus electron micrograph. Imagecourtesy, C. S. Goldsmith, M. D. Bowen and T. G. Ksiazek Rift Valley fever (RVF) is an acute, fever-causing viral disease that affects domestic animals (such as cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, and camels) and humans. RVF is most commonly associated with mosquito-borne epidemics during years of unusually heavy rainfall. The disease is caused by the RVF virus, a member of the genus Phlebovirus in the family Bunyaviridae. The...

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Brain Cancer
Also called: Glioma, Meningioma There are two main types of brain cancer. Primary brain cancer starts in the brain. Metastatic brain cancer starts somewhere else in the body and moves to the brain. Brain tumors can be benign, with no cancer cells, or malignant, with cancer cells that grow quickly. Brain tumors can cause many symptoms. Some of the most common areHeadaches, usually worse in the morning Nausea and vomiting Changes in your ability to talk, hear or see Problems with balance or...

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