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Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis Diet A diet designed for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) may help control and possibly eliminate many of the symptoms that come along with the disease. It is also believed that these diet guidelines may slow the progression of the disease.  There are some basic guidelines for dietary changes for the MS patient, but always the patient should make these diet changes under the supervision of the health care professional.  A key factor in a healthy multiple...

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Q fever
OverviewQ fever is a zoonotic disease caused by Coxiella burnetii, a species of bacteria that is distributed globally.  In 1999, Q fever became a notifiable disease in the United States but reporting is not required in many other countries. Because the disease is underreported, scientists cannot reliably assess how many cases of Q fever have actually occurred worldwide.  Many human infections are inapparent.Cattle, sheep, and goats are the primary reservoirs of C. burnetii. ...

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Reye Syndrome
Reye syndrome is a rare illness that can affect the blood, liver and brain of someone who recently had a viral infection. It always follows another illness. Although it mostly affects children and teens, anyone can get it. It can develop quickly and without warning. It is most common during flu season. Symptoms include Nausea and vomiting Listlessness Personality change - such as irritability, combativeness or confusion Delirium Convulsions Loss of consciousnessIf these symptoms occur...

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