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Head Lice Infestation
What are head lice?Also called Pediculus humanus capitis (peh-DICK-you-lus HUE-man-us CAP-ih-TUS), head lice are parasitic insects found on the heads of people. Having head lice is very common. However, there are no reliable data on how many people get head lice in the United States each year.Who is at risk for getting head lice?Anyone who comes in close contact (especially head-to-head contact) with someone who already has head lice is at greatest risk. Occasionally, head lice may be acquired...

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Hepatitis C and Autoimmune hepatitis
Hepatitis means "inflammation of the liver."  Hepatitis may be caused by viruses (A, B, C, etc.), toxins (alcohol), and other pathogens.  Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and its immunological events will be discussed in this article.   Hepatitis C is caused by forward (not retro-) RNA virus spread through infected blood.  In recent decades the disease spreads mostly through illicit IV drug injection.    Tooth brushing, coitus, shaving and other potential...

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Head Lice (Pediculosis)
Head Lice Also called: Pediculosis Head lice are parasitic wingless insects. They live on people's heads and feed on their blood. An adult is called a louse and is about the size of a sesame seed. The eggs, called nits, are even smaller - almost like a dandruff flake. Lice and nits are easiest to detect at the neckline and behind the ears. Head lice are extremely contagious. Close contact or sharing personal belongings, such as hats or...

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