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Vulvar Cancer
Vulvar cancer is a rare type of cancer. It forms in a woman's external genitals, called the vulva. The cancer usually develops slowly over several years. First, precancerous cells grow on vulvar skin. This is called vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN), or dysplasia. Not all VIN cases turn into cancer, but it is best to treat it early. Often, vulvar cancer doesn't cause early symptoms. However, see your doctor for testing if you notice A lump in the vulvaVulvar itching or...

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Cancer in Children
Cancer begins in the cells, which are the building blocks of your body. Normally, new cells form as you need them, replacing old cells that die. Sometimes, this process goes wrong. New cells form when you don't need them, and old cells don't die when they should. The extra cells can form a tumor. Benign tumors aren't cancer while malignant ones are. Malignant tumor cells can invade nearby tissues or break away and spread to other parts of the body. Children can get cancer in the same...

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Slap Lesion
 There are many injuries that can occur within the shoulder joint. One happens to be a SLAP lesion. A SLAP lesion/tear involves the labrum, or circular rim of cartilage, found within the shoulder socket. SLAP is an acronym for where and how the lesion occurs (i.e Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior). The SLAP tear occurs at the point where the tendon of the biceps muscle inserts on the labrum. When this injury occurs, it's a result of repetitive overhead motion, direct...

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